Ten Forward Episode #129 – Once More Unto the Breen

Book club episode this week y’all – discussing Section 31: Disavowed by David Mack.

Sina had a little thing called her daughter’s birthday to attend instead of the podcast, but Paul, Scott and returning guest Dan Levitt discuss all things Section 31, Mirror Universe, the Breen, and Julian Bashir.  There are also discussions about DS9 characters and Kirstie Alley vs. Robin Curtis.

Sina is still mad at all 3 boys for the cursing and for all the bleeping she had to do during the editing.  At least humor her and make it a drinking game.  Take a shot every time you hear a bleep!

You can reach Dan at:


Usual places:

@firbob1 – for complaints or if you want to make him feel old

@queenkatblue – if you agree with my opinions about this book

Scott can be reached at some incredibly long URLs to type:


http://everblueocean.web.fc2.com/englishindex.html  under the nome de plume of DC Graylocke



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