Ten Forward Episode #126 – The Evil Space Lawyers or Favorite One Shot Villains

This week Sina and Matt welcome Dan Levitt (aka Lt. Dan) and Brigitte and Shawn Vanderloo from the Rusted Robot Podcast (northeastern Ontario’s highest rated robot related podcast) to discuss our favorite One Shot Villains.  That’s right.  No discussion about how awesome Gul Dukat is.  No whining about how Voyager ruined the Borg and how they were way scarier in TNG.  Not a Romulan, Klingon or Xindi to be seen or heard in this podcast.  Just worthy villains that appeared in one episode (or two parters).  Did we discuss your favorite evil maniac or misguided soul?  If not, let us know!

You can reach our guests at:


@darthvaderloo, @brigvanderloo, @therustedrobot, therustedrobot@gmail.com, therustedrobot.podbean.com

Usual places:

@queenkatblue, @mhansen0207, @tenforward1701, trekmatetenforward@gmail.com, Facebook.com/TenForwardPod

And as always, complaints go to:





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