Ten Forward Episode #122 – Spooky Trek

There is something really scary lurking in Ten Forward………..oh wait.  It’s just the boys.

This week Sina, Chris and Matt discuss, well, spooky Trek episodes.  Listen as your bartenders let you know what their favorite scary episodes are and talk about other episodes chosen by some random person.  Do you agree or disagree?

Happy Halloween!

The usual details:

@queenkatblue  – for all your adoration

@chriscantfly – for all your grumpy comments

@mhansen0207 – for you tell him he’s a know it all

@firbob1 – for all your complaints

trekmatetenforward@gmail.com   forum.trekmatefamily.com   facebook.com/TenForwardPod

Some sound effects provided by Mike Koenig, BlastWaveFX and Maximilien at SoundBible.com.



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