Ten Forward Episode #115 – The Walk of Shame, or Dan’s Middle Decks Trek

First, we apologize for the delay in posting the episode.  The editing program decided to ship wreck the editing, and everything had to be redone.

Second, we debut a new segment suggested by our guest, Dan Levitt:  Middle Decks Trek.  What is this concept?  Listen to Sina, Chris and guest host Ryan Porter with the Positively Nerdy Podcast to discuss Dan’s choices and to find out what Middle Decks Trek is all about.  Along the way, we go on some tangents, including the Riker Leg Maneuver and The Walk of Shame on the Enterprise D.  Oh and bloopers.  Lots of bloopers.

You can reach Sina and Chris at:

@queenkatblue, @chriscantfly, trekmatetenforward@gmail.com, @tenforward1701, facebook.com/TenForwardPod

You can reach Ryan at:


You can reach Dan at:




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