Ten Forward Episode #108 – James’ Long Overdue Desert Island Trek

This week Sina (for the most part), Chris and Paul invite James Roberts, co-host of our sister show, The Battle Bridge, to discuss his Desert Island Trek Episodes.  This James is the Dr. James Roberts, Doctor of Looooove, whom Jackie and Sina discussed so long ago.  Two years later, we are finally having him on the show to do his DIT.  James is eloquent and brings up many great points about his episodes.  In other news, Chris and Paul don’t break the show after Sina has to leave.

You can reach the crew as follows:

Sina:  @queenkatblue

Chris:  @chriscantfly

Paul:  @firbob1 or @pathfinder74625

James:  @droflooooove  (Just kidding!!)  His real Twitter is @tngrewatch






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