Ten Forward Episode #106 – Our Favorite Humorous Trek Episodes

Happy Independence Day for those of you on the US side of the pond.  To our British listeners…good riddance!  Just kidding!  We kid because we love!

This week, Sina and Paul welcome back Dave, AKA Captain Hot Dogg from the Twitterverse.  We each choose a funny Trek episode and discuss it.  Chris Mitchell makes an appearance or two (sort of), and we discuss his episode anyway.  Tell us what you think of our choices.  Are you surprised at Sina’s choice?  What are your favorite funny Trek episodes?

You can reach Dave on Twitter at @Capt_Hot_Dogg

You can reach Sina at @queenkatblue

You can reach Paul at @firbob1 or @pathfinder74625

You can reach Ten Forward at:




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