Ten Forward Book Club Special Edition: Emmett’s Audio Adventure

HowtoSpeakKlingoncWelcome to a special edition of the Ten Forward Book Club. Coming soon is the Audio Book “How to Speak Klingon” and to help us discuss this wonderful book is Emmett Plant who worked on the books creation.

A new Star Trek book, How to Speak Klingon – Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler, will be released this spring. Written by Ben Grossblatt with illustrations by Alex Fine, the twenty-four page board book features a built-in sound module with ten unique sounds.

Emmett Plant is a writer, composer and producer who have produced over twenty Star Trek audio books for CBS/Paramount, in addition to composing and producing soundtracks for countless interactive entertainment products.

During the interview Emmett tells us about how he discovered Star Trek, his work on countless Star Trek audio books and has some interesting views on Star Trek over the years.

A big thank you to Emmett for recording when he was not feeling well and a really enjoyable recording.

How to Speak Klingon

“Avoid dishonor and intergalactic incident” by studying How to Speak Klingon, an audio phrasebook that will teach “crucial compliments” toasts, insults and more to those new to the guttural language.

HowtoSpeakKlingon2In How to Speak Klingon, learn how to compliment a Klingon (“You bludgeon divinely!”) or how to insult him (“Your mother has a smooth forehead”). Phrases for how to deal with annoying customs officials (“Passport? My FIST is my passport!”) or how to buy tickets for the latest Klingon play (“Two for Romulan and Juliet”) are also provided.

Author Grossblatt has several degrees in linguistics, but more importantly, he “eats gagh with his bare hands.” Illustrator Fine, on the other hand, identifies more with the Vulcans than the Klingons and was nicknamed Spock as a child due to his bowl haircut and his pointy ears.

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Download Honorbound Music for Glorious Victory courtesy of Emmett.

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