Star Trek actors combined in portraits

What would Captain Kirk’s Chris Pine and William Shatner look like combined? Or the rest of the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness? Well, one user on Reddit, That NordicGuy, has merged key members of the Star Trek Into Darkness cast with their original counterparts. The results are as follows:

Kirk: William Shatner/Chris Pine

Trek - Pine - Shatner


Spock: Leonard Nimoy/Zachary Quinto

Trek - Quinto - Nimoy


McCoy: DeForest Kelly/Karl Urban

Trek - Kelly - Urban


Sulu: George Takei/John Cho

Trek - Cho- Takei


Chekhov: Walter Koenig/Anton Yelchin

Trek - Koenig - Yelchin


Uhura: Nichelle Nichols/Zoe Saldana

Trek - Nichols - Saldana


Scotty: James Doohan/Simon Pegg

Trek - Doohan - Pegg


Carol Marcus Bibi Besch/Alice Eve

Trek - Besch - Eve


Pike: Jeffrey Hunter/Bruce Greenwood

Trek - Hunter - Greenwood


Khan: Ricardo Montalbán/Benedict Cumberbatch

Trek - Montalbán - Cumberbatch

Marc Stamper

Author: Marc Stamper

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