Star Trek 2017 – What we know so far


A new Star Trek series was announced last year, this is what we know so far about who is involved.

The new show will be available on CBS All Access an online/on demand service but also available on other platforms worldwide.

Alex Kurtzman (Executive Producer)

Kurtzman co-wrote and produced the blockbuster films Star Trek (2009) with Roberto Orci, and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) with Orci and Damon Lindelof. The new series will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout. Kurtzman and Heather Kadin will serve as executive producers.

Heather Kadin (Executive Producer)

The development head at Kurtzman’s production company, Secret Hideout.

Bryan Fuller (Executive Producer/Showrunner/Co-Creator)

Self professed Star Trek geek who watched and loved the Trek series “Deep Space Nine” and set out to write for them. At the time, Star Trek had an open script submission policy and Fuller contributed a spec, leading to a pitching opportunity. When he had sold a couple of stories to Deep Space Nine, Fuller was hired to be a full staff writer for sister Trek series “Voyager” in its fourth season. He worked on Voyager for the remainder of its seven-year run, working his way up to co-producer of the series.

His IMDB page mentions that the show will be in the same time frame as the current movies but set on a different starship to the Enterprise. I don’t know the validity of this idea and it could just be rumour.

Rod Roddenberry (Executive Producer)

Son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett. No real experience working on Star Trek, but has made documentaries about his fathers work. Fans have had mixed reactions about this appointment.

Moral dilemmas, human issues, complex characters, and a genuine sense of optimism: These are the cornerstones of Star Trek and are what have made it such an influential and beloved franchise for the last 50 years. While I will always be humbled by its legacy and the legions of fans who are its guardians, it’s a genuine honor to be joining a team of imaginative and incredibly capable individuals whose endeavor it is to uphold the tenets of Star Trek’s legacy while bringing it to audiences in a new era and on a contemporary platform.

Trevor Roth (Executive Producer)

Head of Roddenberry Entertainment and business partner of Rod Roddenberry. Worked with Rod Roddenberry on the documentary Trek Nation.

Nicholas Meyer (Writer/Consulting Producer)

The Writer/Director that was involved with all the even numbered (the good) TOS films has been hired as a writer for the new series. Star Trek VI has been mentioned as inspiration. This news has been very popular with fans.

I think it’s going to be a different Star Trek. It will go in a different direction. And I think that is probably good. Because the thing that mainly troubles me about Star Trek is the fear of it being maybe re-treads of itself [….] And I think that Bryan [Fuller] – who is a very clever fellow – has ideas – some of which I’ve heard – that are innovative and different. Different is what got me interested.

Tony Todd (Actor)

The first casting rumour has surfaced about Tony Todd. He is no Star Trek virgin having appeared as Worf’s brother on TNG/DS9 and as the older Jake in the emotional DS9 episode The Visitor. This would be a great thing for the show, but we must treat this as a rumour for now.

I will update this article as we hear about more people being involved with the show. As always head over to our forums to share your thoughts about the new show.

Author: Simon Foster

I am one of the news editors for trekmate. I have been a trekkie since BBC2 first showed TNG in the UK. More recently I have been trying to convert my wife into a trekkie with mixed success.

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