Sci Fi Waffle: Episode 9 – The Tech in Sci Fi

Sci Fi Waffle: Episode 9 – The Tech in Sci Fi

In this episode we welcome yet another guest. Boy are we popular at the moment. We are joined by the boss of TrekMate Marc Stamper.

We discuss the technology used in Sci Fi shows and films;

  • Transporters
  • Lasers/Phasers/Death Stars
  • Hyperspace/Stargates/jumpgates/FLT Drives
  • Hyposprays
  • Wombles
  • Generation Ships
  • Droids

If you have any comments or ideas for segments in the show or would like to send us an Mp3 file, then you can get in touch in the following ways;

TrekMate Forum

Twitter, @scifiwaffle, @darthvaderloo, @firbob1


Facebook, search for “scifiwaffle”

Thank you for downloading and listening and enjoy the show.


Author: paulw

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