Sci Fi Waffle Episode 21 – All grown up.

Sci Fi Waffle Episode 21 – All grown up.

In Episode 21 Paul and Shawn talk about;

  • What you can and can’t do after the age of 21
  • Bird calls (feathered kind)
  • The ethics of transportation in Star Trek
  • 5D data storage
  • Food grown under Mars and Moon conditions
  • The upcoming Star Trek Film
  • Next Year’s Star Trek TV series appointments

Here are a list of links from this weeks show.

The Trouble with Transporters

BBC Radio 4 Inside Science podcast

BBC Radio 4 Click Podcast

Captain America 3 Civil War Trailer 2 –

WFT Podcast with Patrick Stewart

The end title music was composed and performed by Andy Nash. He can be found at

If you have any comments or ideas for segments in the show or would like to send us an Mp3 file, then you can get in touch in the following ways;

TrekMate Forum

Twitter, @scifiwaffle, @darthvaderloo, @firbob1


Facebook, search for “scifiwaffle”

Thank you for downloading and listening and enjoy the show.



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