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Favourite Trek Series: Though I’ve loved Star Trek since TOS, I’d have to say DS9 is my overall favourite. It had the best story arcs and character development of all the Trek series. The very concept was the most daring departure from Gene Roddenberry’s original vision, and, as heretical as this may sound, that was all to the good in my opinion. Gene laid a wonderful foundation, but without new people and fresh ideas the franchise would have stagnated.

Favourite Captain: I most admire Janeway because she had the toughest job of all the captains. Not only did she have to get her crew home; she also had to blend the Maquis and Star Fleet crews, and face the toughest command decisions with no outside support. But if you ask who I’d prefer to serve under, it’s Picard. He inspired the most loyalty, respect and trust from his crew. He held authority without having to act authoritarian. He reminded me some university professors I knew, who inspired the students’ best performance by instilling confidence in them whilst also providing the necessary instruction and leadership.

Favourite Ship: Aesthetically I prefer the Enterprise E, but I’d most like to serve on the D. Basically I just prefer a bright and comfortable working environment. Favourite episode: In terms of quality I’d have to go with „The Visitor“, followed closely by”The Siege of AR-558“,”In the Pale Moonlight“ and”The Inner Light“. But if want I a comfortable old favourite to watch while putting my feet up and munching pizza, it’s likely to be something like „Data’s Day“ or „Déjà Q“.

Favourite non-regular character: Garak is tops in my book! He was the most intricate of all the recurring characters in DS9, if not in all of Star Trek, and should have been a regular if you ask me. In a close run for second place are Guinan and Q. Guinan wasn’t always right, but she was very wise and empathetic. She had a way of drawing you out and getting you to re-examine things before you even realised she was doing so. And Q? Well, it’s hard not to envy near-omnipotence, isn’t it?

About me: I grew up in the US but now live in Germany, where I work for a well-known language school. I first saw Star Trek when I was 5 during it’s 3rd season in 1968, though I only remember snippets of it from that time. Throughout the 1970′s I grew up with the TOS re-runs, and I’ve watched every film and series since. So I can barely remember life without Star Trek. Apart from anything Trek- related, you’ll usually find me out with friends, attending public lectures at my local community college, on a „photo safari“ around town, or engrossed in some popular science book.

Twitter: @mress_1701

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