PITAQ 50 – Star Trek Enterprise Canamar

2012-12-11_CanamarThis week Adam and Paul are joined by Mike Ferris AKA ‘Mickey Nae Arse’ from the Trek Mate Forum. This week we have our usual geek chat and review the Enterprise episode Canamar as well as our usual quiz and feedback section.

This Weeks Quiz Questions:

REMEMBER we still have our creative quiz

1. Draw a portrait of Adam in Microsoft Paint (or equivalent crap drawing software)

2. Draw a picture of Paul on the back of a Lion wearing a Cow Boy Hat. (Any format accepted)

This weeks quiz questions

1.What are Archer and Trip accused of?

2.How many episodes of Star Trek have had a Nausican? 1 point for Each

3.Where did Archer learn the escape manoeuvre he used in this Episode from



Author: Paul Finch

Host on PITAQ - Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

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