More thoughts on the Into Darkness Trailer by Gail & Laura

No matter how many times you watch the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer you will always find something new to talk about. Even five days later the internet, twitter are still debating who Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the new film. So far the most obvious suggestions are Khan, Gary Mitchell. There has been some interesting discussions on it possibly being Garth of Izar as seen in the original series. A part of me would wish that it is a new character and all this hype is just JJ teasing us.

There is also the ongoing discussion around the extended Japanese trailer.Does this mean it is Khan? Some have suggested that it is in fact Kirk who might die or that it is Benedict Cumberbatch’s character who is behind the glass. Does this mean he is Sybok? So many questions.

The Trek Mate writing team are still discussing the trailer. Below are comments from Gail and Laura who both are quite excited:

Gail says:

Yesterday, while cruisin’ the internet as I often do, I caught a reference to the new Star Trek trailer and thought, “Wait a minute. I thought wasn’t due to be released until the “The Hobbit” came out.”. So I went to YouTube, to see if something had maybe been leaked and what I came up with was around 3 minutes of gloriousness. Gloriousness and me going “OH MY FREAKING GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!”. People running everywhere. A mysterious, heretofore unseen blonde crewman. Benedict mean, Cumberbatch muttering about revenge. I screamed “YES YES YES!”.

It’s a good thing nobody else was in the house with me. My neighbor, who was passing by and putting his trashcans away, gave me an odd look (it was warm out, so the windows were open). I don’t want to know what he thought I was doing when I screamed like that. This makes me only more anxious not only to see the full 9 minute trailer but for the movie itself. I am on the edge of my seat, fully geeked. Next May cannot come soon enough.

Laura says:

It’s a bit epic isn’t it?!

I screamed when I saw the Enterprise coming out of the water!

I think JJ Abrams has gone bigger to keep the audience hooked, it definitely looks like an adventure! My very first impression though was that it looks a little like a Star Wars or Battleship or The Avengers trailer, it looks very up to date now Sci fi, if that makes any sense? It’s today’s take on the future, with CGI, Green screen and 3D effects, because we’re heading closer to what old Sci-fis use to ‘predict’ or imagine the future would look like.

After 2009 I’m more curious than excited to see what he’s done with Star Trek.

As we know this was only a minute trailer, on the 17th December the full trailer comes out, imagine how much reaction, debate, screaming there will be!

Sina Alvarado

Author: Sina Alvarado

I live in Houston, Texas, and while I don’t own or ride a horse, I do occasionally say “Y’all” and even “All Y’all.” I am married and have one daughter. I started watching Trek regularly with TNG and got absolutely hooked after watching “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Trek has been a big part of my life ever since then and I am happy to share my love for it with all y’all.

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