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If you’re shopping for a Star Trekker on your list, heavens knows there are plenty of great retail and geeky items out there as the 50th anniversary year moves into full swing.

But if you’ve got a long-time Trekfan who’s been around the quadrant once or twice… or a newbie who’s wants to KNOW IT ALL RIGHT NOW … or even one across the miles who could stand a great subspace connection to fandom …  Larry  “Dr. Trek” Nemecek has some ideas for you from Trekland!

Larry, the Star Trek author/interviewer/host/actor (and friend of Trekmate) who has called professional “Trekland” his home for over 20 years, has a variety of projects that make great gift ideas at several levels.

— For a stocking stuffer, why not try the latest edition of  TREKLAND: On Speaker, the remastered, theme-based audio chunks from his archives of 500+ extended interviews with Trek’s actual creators —fresh from back in the day?  Volume 4 for 2015 spotlights four creators in Voyager’s premiere on its 20th anniversary, in CD jewel case with tri-fold photos and notes and autographed if you like  ($21.95 includes US/Canada postage; + $3.50 for foreign orders). And Volumes 2 and 3 are also still available, at a multi-discount.

—For a gift that gives a Trek fix all year long, think about Larry’s new PORTAL 47 deep-dive monthly fan experience —and right now with a couple of CYBER MONDAY special bonuses! For the cost of a movie for two oeach month, this unique boutique bundle of  live and online features taps Larry’s own insider memories, archives and crew friends from the 80s and 90s to offer backstage pass to Trek —material, telebriefing guests, live options… All with an eye on taking your Trek insight to a new level, where no savvy fan has gone before!

—And those wanting to mark Trek’s big “5-0” with a really big splash, check out Geek Nation Tours’  special extended 2016 edition of its “LA2Vegas” Trek Film Sites tour with Larry as guide—ending at Creation Entertainment’s annual Las Vegas Official Trek event, but this year adding an optional San Francisco leg to start.  Or for the Trek tour experience in a one-day package, you can also jump aboard the Valley of Fire “Kirk Memorial” Adventure with Larry and Geek Nation Tours.

Another unique gift idea for anyone who cares about kids, education, and the future? Larry is also Spokesman and Lead Outreach to promote the non-profit, global Enterprise In Space real-world space project, aimed to orbit and return 100+ winning projects from students around the world and new aerospace tech and computer demos aboard an all-new eight-foot craft, paying homage to the best of inspired future-leaning sci-fi and sci-fact.  A $20 “virtual crewmember” crowdfunder gift gets the honoree’s name aboard on a microchip, verified on a certificate and viewable on tour after the flight as proof of their flying aboard  the first true Enterprise in space!  Gifts larger than $20 are welcome of course!

Author: Simon Foster

I am one of the news editors for trekmate. I have been a trekkie since BBC2 first showed TNG in the UK. More recently I have been trying to convert my wife into a trekkie with mixed success.

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