Interviewing Bob Greenberger – a Holo Deck Exclusive

For those who already listen to the Holo Deck podcast you will know that the show looks at Star Trek through comics. There are over four decades of Star Trek comics spanning over 600 issues including some amazing stories written and drawn by some of the greatest talents in the comic industry.

As well as helping the listener discover these amazing stories Michael has started a series of interviews with those writers, artists, editors that have made an impact in the Star Trek comic world. Michael’s aims for the interviews are for the listener to understand and appreciate the whole process of writing, drawing, editing a Star Trek comic. Michael feels that if the listener can see that these incredible talents put so much effort and love in to creating a Star Trek comic then this will encourage more to read the comics and for the comics to be given the credit they deserve.

This Saturday I continue my interview series by speaking to Bob Greenberger. Bob was the editor of the Star Trek titles at DC comics. I feel that Bob helped shape Star Trek in comics and began to show that Star Trek worked in the comic format and this was a golden age for Star Trek comics. Bob worked on some wonderful stories working with writers such as Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman and artists such as Gordon Purcell. As well as his time in the comic industry Bob is also an accomplished author having written several Star Trek novels & many non Star Trek books.

During the interview Bob will tell us how Star Trek came to DC comics. Bob also tells us which legendary character no longer likes women, the conflicts of producing a comic so that everyone is kept happy and some interesting facts about Gene & licencing a comic. All that and much more…

I have also interviewed comic illustrator J.K. Woodward who discussed his work on the historic Star Trek / Doctor Who crossover series. J.K. spoke of his love for both franchisees, the process of drawing such a story and how he had to audition to CBS and the BBC!

Recently I also interviewed comic writer and artist Zander Cannon. In the interview we discussed Zander’s IDW five part Star Trek: The Next Generation series “Ghosts”. Zander explained the process of writing a comic and to help us Zander provided us a copy of the script and storyboards he used to assist the artist (you can see these on the website). Zander also gave us his views on the JJ verse and Enterprise.
The Bob Greenberger interview comes out on Saturday 15th December and you can find all the other interviews on the Trek Mate website here:

I can promise there are more interviews planned for 2013. Stay tuned here and don’t forget to add the Holo deck to you “pull list”….

You can listen to the interview with Bob Greenberger on Saturday 15th December

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