How to build captain Kirk’s chair

Mythbusting mega-nerd Adam Savage got inspired on eBay one night and purchased a Star Trek captain’s chair. But what arrived was a disappointing, inaccurate mess. Not to be defeated, he built his own based on a series of fan blueprints. It has working electronics on board, a bevy of sound effects, and “99 percent” authenticity.

Warning: This video is almost 40 minutes long, but it’s an exhaustive guide to building your own captain’s chair. The thing ends up a (mostly) authentic thing of beauty, one that’s a great way to turn around a bad eBay purchase and become the envy of geeks everywhere.

Author: Simon Foster

I am one of the news editors for trekmate. I have been a trekkie since BBC2 first showed TNG in the UK. More recently I have been trying to convert my wife into a trekkie with mixed success.

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  1. No, it isn’t “an exhaustive guide.” The chair was already built. The video really involves the creation of the electronics for the chair.

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    • This is begging loudly for a manual that can be printed as a step by step guide! Please make it so…

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