Hollow Ship

Hollow Ship

There is a new Sci-Fi Comedy series in the production stage called Hollow Ship. The show was created by Curtis Fortier and Helen McElwain.

The premise of the show is their starship is one big holodeck. Why build a 26th century starship when you can program one, right? But what happens when the program is erased and the crew only have one holodeck program available to them – 21st century Los Angeles?

The creators also wanted their characters to be at odds so that the audience can witness them grow, gel and overcome throughout the series.


  • The Captain played by Curtis Fortier, is nebbishy, from the mid-west and tries to hard.
  • The First Officer played by Helen McElwain, has a huge crush on him and doesn’t care who knows it.
  • The IT Guy and Chief Engineer, two people that need to work closely, are divorced.
  • The Security Chief played by Stephanie Sheh, is the anti-redshirt. Instead of waiting to be killed, she diffuses danger by kicking people in the balls.
  • The computer played by Steve Shaw, is a mobile 3-dimensional interface, and since the glitch, has manifested itself as a pompous 65-year old man.
  • Hot Alien played by Jessica Kinni.
  • Admiral played by Lisa Schurga

The demo reel was directed by Emmy Award Winning Sit-Com director Mary Lou Belli. The Star Trek band “Warp 11” are currently writing original lyrics and performing the theme song. Michael Teoli will be scoring the piece. The demo reel is currently being worked on by their digital effects team. Hollow Ship will be launching a Kickstarter in two weeks to raise $10,000 to finish the project.

They saw there wasn’t a lot of sci-fi comedy that isn’t campy or a parody. They wanted to do a “workplace” comedy, in the vein of “Newsradio” or “Taxi”, where their workplace is a starship.

Visited the Facebook page to follow their progress.

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