Chase Masterson Stars In R.U.R.: GENESIS

RURteaser41Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s Chase Masterson stars in a new retro sci-fi short R.U.R.: GENESIS. It serves as both a standalone short film adventure and a “teaser” for the full-length feature currently in development.

The Story

In 1919, acclaimed Czech playwright Karel Capek began work on arguably his most famous piece, the seminal science fiction story R.U.R. Set approximately 50 years in the then-future, R.U.R. was a sharp commentary on progress, politics, and relationships, accurately predicting advances in biotechnology and setting the tone for masterpieces like Metropolis and Blade Runner.

The creators of the award-winning cult science fiction noir film Yesterday Was a Lie present a fresh yet faithful take on the classic Capek tale. Set in the style of an alt-history 1969, this smart, sexy, retro-futuristic adaptation of R.U.R. depicts a world populated by genetically engineered workers (“artificials”) — perfect, made-to-order people who lack fundamental rights.

Against this backdrop, a young activist struggles to come to terms with her own identity… a natural human who finds herself torn between the artificials’ plight and her unresolved feelings for the man who creates them. With tensions rising and the world on the brink of atomic warfare, Helena Glory must decide where her loyalties lie: her fellow naturals, or the workers with whom she has more in common than she dares to reveal…

Along with Chase Masterson there are quite a few actors with Star Trek connections.

Kipleigh Brown (Jane Taylor in Star Trek: Enterprise, “The Forgotten“)

Vic Mignogna (Capt. Kirk in Star Trek Continues)

John Champion (Camera Operator for Star Trek Documentaries, Mission Log Podcast co-host)

Mary Czerwinski (DVD Geeks Podcast co-host, Production Coordinator for ST: ENT Documentary)

“Stylistically, R.U.R.: GENESIS is by far the most fun of any project I’ve ever done — and that’s something that really counts for an audience,” says Masterson. “But what really sets the film apart from the vast majority of projects out there is the brilliant combination of story and timeless themes. Not many filmmakers’ work embodies both of those elements thoroughly. Whereas you found shades of black and white and gray in the noir of ‘Yesterday Was a Lie,’ the colours — and issues — in the world James has created for R.U.R.: GENESIS really ignite the screen. It’s sexy, powerful stuff.”

“The short is just a taste of the eventual feature,” adds Brown. “There’ll be more of the intrigue, action and stylish retro-futuristic fun that you see in R.U.R.: GENESIS, but it’ll be built upon a deep and rich story, which explores the nature of love, the soul, and life itself.”


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