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John-Harrison-BrigAll it took was one wrong button being pressed to reveal one of the biggest secrets in movies.

The true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness has been one that has had Trekkies/Trekkers all over the globe scratching their heads. The trailers for the film have been as cryptic as a Sherlock mystery, and the whole project has been surrounded with the sort of secrecy that is usually seen in the military, or indeed Starfleet. However, a stray Tweet from the actor that was presumably meant to be private has ruined everything.

The Tweet, apparently intended for the eyes of Sherlock and Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss, was quickly deleted but not before eagle-eyed followers took notice. The Tweet, typically short in nature due to the 140 character limit, was still incredibly revealing and read:

@Markgatiss Getting sick of keeping bloody secret. Just want to scream “I’m CharlieX!”& get whole thing over with. See you on S’lock set BC

Cumberbatch has always tried to keep a low profile in social media, and his real Twitter address is known only to close friends and colleagues, as well as those few amateur sleuths who cross-check the accounts of various producers and writers he works with and have uncovered his pseudonym. His message was presumably intended to be sent using the “compose message” function but was instead sent using the more public “mention”. This gaffe will no doubt do little to encourage the actor’s already-minimal faith in online messaging.

Charles Evans

Charlie X is a character from the original series who gained destructive mental powers through alien intervention. Fans have speculated about the destruction seen in the trailers and that the press releases have described Cumberbatch’s character, up until now known only to people as “John Harrison”, as a living weapon. While other villain’s names such as Khan and Gary Mitchell have been theories, this news has put an end to those ideas.

The plot for the film is said to involve the pivotal villain as a human who was stranded on an alien world and gifted with incredible powers, before being rescued by the original Enterprise under Captain Robert April and taken to Earth, where he is placed in suspended animation and dubbed “John Harrison” to keep him secret. After escaping years later, he embarks on a mission of vengeance against Starfleet and the Enterprise under her latest captain, James T. Kirk. This marks the first time that April will be seen onscreen outside of the animated series, which has long been considered non-canon.

JJ Abrams, the man behind the relaunch of the successful television and movie franchise, has been bombarded with messages since the news broke yet has kept silent, although his film company Bad Robot Productions has issued a statement:

“As of This time we cannot confirm or deny this statement, and the loyal fans out there who have supported us would probably prefer it to remain a secret until they see the film themselves. Charlie X is a wonderful character but it’s best not to dwell on this. As for the news of Captain April, fools daydream about this sort of thing all the time.”


Written By Rick Austin @EvolvedRick

Marc Stamper

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  1. Could have been purposely posted to mislead Trekkies. Tease us a bit since we still have a month and a half to go until it gets here…

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    • Well…the tease worked. I totally discounted the Khan-factor, after seeing the tweet. So-a nice reveal, in the movie; I was pleasantly surprised.
      Eric G1

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  2. Seriously KlingonWriter, you didn’t get the joke? “As for the news of Captain April, fools daydream about this sort of thing all the time.”

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  3. I’m almost sure he doesn’t have Twitter! So I don’t believe this story. But, whatever, that’d make a cracking good film if he is Charlie X!! 🙂

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  4. I still reckon Garth of Izar is a possibility

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  5. Cumberbatch will be playing ‘The Baron of Beef’

    Depend on it…

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  6. I still want a Gary Seven cameo

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  7. He will be playing the real life, 23rd Century version of Beavis’s alter-ego The Great Cornholio, in a shocking Star Trek crossover with Beavis & Butthead!!! xD Oh Prophets, I love April Fools Day LOL

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  8. It was this very-tweet that SAVED ‘IntoDarkness’, for me. When I read this, I immediately discounted the Khan aspect and didn’t give WOK another thought. I stayed mad at Cumberbitch-(as Bunny refers to him) until I saw the movie! So-Thanks, Benedict… You saved the show, for me, at least.
    Eric G1

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