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Star Trek: The Original Series: Allegiance in Exile

A beautiful green world, rich in fertile soil and temperate climate… a textbook Class-M planet that should be teeming with life. Scans show no life-signs, but there are refined metals, including those associated with a space-faring race…and a lone city. But where are all of the inhabitants? Captain James T. Kirk leads a landing party from the U.S.S. Enterprise, hoping to get some answers.

The away team discovers a city in ruins, covered by dust, utterly bereft of life. Tricorder readings indicate that this is no ancient metropolis – it has been deserted only for a year. And just beyond the citadel lies what appears to be an ancient spaceport… a graveyard of ships that have clearly been sabotaged.

With these ruins too far from either the Klingon or the Romulan Empires, the Enterprise crew can only wonder: Who could have done this? And could this unnamed threat now pose an imminent danger to the Federation?

This books has 384 pages and is available from the 29th January 2013.


Star Trek: The Original Series: Devil’s Bargain

An all-new Original Series adventure about a Federation mining colony on the verge of destruction and the unlikely solution that could save them from extinction.

Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are sent to evacuate the Federation mining colony Vesbius, a frontier settlement that is on the brink of an extinction-level event, threatening the lives of all the colonists and the disruption of ore production vital to Starfleet. However, the colonists refuse to abandon this settlement, not wanting to leave their claims. It is after these irrational decisions that Spock suggests that perhaps an unexpected ally could aid the colony and help complete the mission….

This books has 304 pages and is available from the 26th February 2013.


Star Trek: The Original Series: The Folded World

En route to a diplomatic mission, the Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS McRaven. As theEnterprise approaches the area where the McRavenappears to be, the crew encounters an anomaly unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Space itself seems inconsistent – warping, changing appearance. But during the brief periods of calm, they locate the McRaven – along with other ships of various origins, all tightly surrounding and being held in place by an enormous unidentified vessel….

This books has 304 pages and is available from the 30th April 2013.


Star Trek: The Original Series: The Shocks of Adversity

Located far beyond the boundaries of explored space, the Goeg Domain is a political union of dozens of planets and races. When the U.S.S. Enterprise arrives in its territory to investigate an interstellar phenomenon, Commander Laspas of the Domain Defense Corps is at first guarded, then fascinated to discover the existence of an alliance of worlds much like his own, and finds a kindred spirit in Captain James T. Kirk. And when theEnterprise is attacked by the Domain’s enemies, crippling the starship’s warp capability and leaving its crew facing the prospect of a slow, months-long journey home, the Goeg leader volunteers the help of his own ship, offering to combine the resources of both vessels to bring the Enterprise to a nearby Domain facility to make the necessary repairs.

But what at first seems to be an act of peace and friendship soon turns out to be a devil’s bargain, as Kirk and the Enterprise crew learn that there are perhaps more differences than similarities between the Federation and the Domain. When the Goeg’s adversaries strike again, the Enterprise is drawn deeper and inexorably into the conflict, and Kirk begins to realize that they may have allied themselves with the wrong side…

This books has 384 pages and is available from the 28th May 2013.


Star Trek: The Original Series: From History’s Shadow

Set in the Original Series universe, this standalone story utilizes 1950s UFO paranoia, the Cold War, and the escalating “space race” of the 1960s as a backdrop for a Star Trek tale in a vein similar to that of the New York Times bestselling Eugenics Wars duology.

This books has 304 pages and is available from the 30th July 2013.


Star Trek: The Original Series: The Weight of Worlds

Kirk and the Enterprise crew face off against an ancient extra-terrestrial cult known as the Crusade, who believe that ancient prophecies proclaim the universe will soon be destroyed and recreated, but only those who surrender to the Truth will be saved. The Crusade is on a sacred mission to bring the Truth to Kirk’s universe before the End comes. But how do you fight an idea? And is the Crusade here to save or subjugate the Federation?

This books has 352 pages and is available from the 26th March 2013.




Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures

An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: Enterprise!

The Romulans have retreated behind the Neutral Zone, but can the fragile alliances that were forged in the heat of war hold? Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise are looking forward to easy service and returning to exploration—but history has other plans as they face a greater challenge.

This books has 304 pages and is available from the 25th June 2013.


The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Fall: Revelations and Dust

The first novel in an electrifying The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover event!

The Federation is rocked to its core as the Typhon Pact is suspected of being behind a barbarous act that shatters the fragile peace of the Alpha Quadrant. An original Star Trek novel, this is part of a five-book story arc that takes place over a sixty-day period, but it is not necessary to read each novel in order to follow the storyline, which involves all aspects of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine universes.

This books has 352 pages and is available from the 27th August 2013.



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