JJ Abrams admits Star Trek: Into Darkness is a bit sexist

JJ Abrams admits Star Trek: Into Darkness is a bit sexist

In an interview with news.com.au, JJ Abrams spoke about the need to be more lead roles for women in upcoming sequels. Abrams is currently in Sydney for the premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Original Source news.com.au

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  1. Not really.

    There is a difference between sexism and a show having 3 central male characters (particularly when it’s a 60s adaptation).

    And the core of the film is about the relationship of two men at it’s core and also their conflict with another man.

    If you look at the later Treks there are more prominent roles for women in every one (DS9 particularly, Voyager may have had a female captain but it was often a terrible show)

    Also increasing the importance and participation of female characters in the story (and a new key female cast member) beyond the original is also notable. Uhura went from a glorified telephonist to core member of the cast able to stand on a par with Spock and Kirk.

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