Upper Pylon 2 – UP2’s First Star Trek Outpost Convention

Hailing Frequencies Open: Smonskey, Blair, and Melissa had the opportunity to visit with the cast and production team of the awesome Audio Drama Star Trek Outpost. It was an exciting night, and we are huge fans of this show.  If you haven’t checked out Outpost yet, we know you’ll want to soon.  It’s a whole new series of Star Trek that you haven’t heard yet. (We’re kinda jealous)  So, listen to this show, and then go to Giant Gnome Productions (http://giantgnome.com/) and start listening today. That’s an order. This is your Captain speaking.

Thank you to Tony Raymond, Dan McIntosh, Nick Armstrong, Greg Littlefield, Jon Specht, Ronnika Kendall, Edward WinterRose, Paul Lavelle, and the entire Star Trek Outpost Cast and Crew.  Please come back and visit us soon!

Author: DeltaQuadrant

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  1. OMG! My favorite Star Trek podcast review show, and my favorite Star Trek Audio Drama all-in-one, at last!
    Thank You so much UP2crew, GGcrew, ST:Ocast&crew, and everybody in the Trekmate family!
    The heart and soul of Star Trek thrives because of You!
    Dedicated Listener,

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  2. CBS/Alex Kurtzman may want to consider contacting Tony and Dan…

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