The Delta Quadrant – THE FINAL EPISODE

Well, this is it everybody. The time is finally upon us as we give you the final episode of The Delta Quadrant!

Join us for our extra-special (and extra-long) wrap up show as we reminisce, read your feedback, and say one final goodbye to a four year project that has been some of the best times we’ve ever had.

You, the listeners, were an INCREDIBLE audience who not only went above and beyond for providing feedback, but also for sticking by us through casting changes, growing pains, and everything else in between. This show would not have gotten home without your support, and from the bottom of our hearts, we at TDQ thank you all sincerely.

What the future holds in store for us at TDQ, we can’t really say right now. But as far as a reunion show could go in the future….well…as a certain Vulcan first officer once said, “There are always possibilities.” 

Until that time though, we hope you enjoyed taking the journey through Star Trek: Voyager with us at The Delta Quadrant! Please feel free to still write in to our email, forums, Twitter and Facebook. We promise to keep in touch! 





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