The Delta Quadrant 7 x 23 – Renaissance Man

This week on TDQ, we  are joined for the final time by friend of the show Takarangolem to review the PENULTIMATE episode of Voyager, “Renaissance Man.”

When Janeway’s life is “threatened” by a pair of rogue profit-seeking aliens, the Doctor is “forced” to betray the Voyager crew in order to ensure the captain’s safety.

Lots of musing about the tone of this episode, as well as the appropriateness of this episode’s placement as the second to last episode of Voyager. Tune in to hear more, and as always, be sure to send in your feedback!

REMINDER: THERE ARE THREE DAYS LEFT UNTIL WE RECORD OUR FINAL EPISODE ON MAY 3RD!! Be sure to get your thoughts in on the final episode of Voyager, as well as your thoughts on the series as a whole and your (hopefully good) memories of The Delta Quadrant! We hope to end with a blast!


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