The Delta Quadrant 7 x 21 – Natural Law

This week on TDQ, musings on Chakotay, Seven, and some sweet, sweet Driver’s Ed stories courtesy of special guest Blair aka medic1849 as he and additional guest Carnivore J join Matt & Geno to discuss “Natural Law”

When Chakotay and Seven find themselves stranded after a shuttle accident, they must learn to rely on the primitive native population in order to survive. Meanwhile, Paris gets a speeding ticket and is forced to take space-driver’s ed classes with the teacher from hell. Got episode tone whiplash yet? But wait, there’s more! What about throwing in a last minute storyline involving some Avatar/Dances with Wolves allegories involving fighting on behalf of the native population?

Tune in to hear more, and be sure to leave us your feedback!

ALSO IMPORTANT: Be sure to get your thoughts in on the final episode of Voyager, as well as your thoughts on the series as a whole and your (hopefully good) memories of The Delta Quadrant! We will be recording a wrap up show on MAY 3RD, so please try to get your thoughts in by then. We really hope to make this final episode the best one yet, and we want you all to be a part of it!

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