The Delta Quadrant 7 x 13 – Repentance

DISCLAIMER: A couple of the hosts this week were very naughty, including our resident angel, Melissa. There are a couple swears in here that couldn’t be edited out. Listen at your own risk!

This week, STAFF founding member Professor Subzero joins the TDQ crew to talk the prisoner drama episode “Repentance.”

When Voyager rescues survivors from a prisoner transport, the crew are forced to not only confront their prisoner manifest, but the aliens’ system of justice. In doing so, Seven of Nine attempts to aid a convict in regaining the life he had lost due to his mental instability.

In all honesty, we end up going on many a tangent in this show on the justice system and its fundamental purpose. But, as always, be sure to leave us your feedback on the episode!



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