Ten Forward Episode #205 – Carnivore’s Bar Adventure with Evil Dan

Let’s start off your Monday with a Bar Adventure with none other than your host, Carnivore J, aka Chris Johnson (which by the way Chris, I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with Sully J, just saying, doesn’t matter if you are a grown ass man, Monsters Inc. is still awesome) and where was I? Oh yes! Chris talks with Dan about movies, Bond (Ugh! and if you had any doubt who’s posting this show, this should give you a clue), comics, Ryan Porter, the Evil Empire (no, not Dan’s house), life as a STAHD (STay At Home Dad) and even a little bit about Trek.  Many, many thanks to Sully J for this episode!!!!  And if you’re still reading these show notes, congratulations, most people don’t.

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