Ten Forward Episode #180 – Bad Ass Hosts & Bad Ass Aliens

Well at least I am a Bad Ass Hostess, don’t know about the other guys that show up at the bar every now and then.

This week I have most everyone with me except the Pinecone – something about watching the Super Bowl instead of recording with us.  The rest of us discuss Bad Ass Aliens who can kick your ass without breathing hard.

Usual places:  @queenkatblue, @chriscantfly, @dlevitt79, @mhansen0207, @histrionicspock

trekmatetenforward@gmail.com; facebook.com/TenForwardPod

Complaints go to the Pinecone of course, because he wasn’t on the show!  @firbob1


Andorian Shran


Author: TenForward

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