Ten Forward Episode #136 – The Missing

This week, Paul and Scott welcome Chris Johnson, or Carnivore J, to the book club nook at the bar to discuss New York Times Best Selling Author Una McCormack’s DS9 book “The Missing.”  Una McCormack is a favorite of Sina’s (and the boys too, spoiler alert!).  By the way, if you listen to the entire podcast, there is also a mini Ship Wreck Trek.

Also, there are too many men on this podcast.

You can reach Chris here:


Compliments:  @queenkatblue

Complaints:  @firbob1

Scott’s info:  jfilmlove.wordpress.com

http://everblueocean.web.fc2.com/englishindex.html  under the nome de plume of DC Graylocke




Author: TenForward

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