The Battle Bridge Season 6 Schedule. (Almost full)

Welcome to the Battle Bridge Podcast show schedule.
Here you can look at what shows have guests at this time.
If you see a show you wish to guest host, please write to and submit your request.

Please note the following.

  • Please limit your requests to up to three shows for Season 6. If no one has already requested it, your name will be added and this page will be updated shortly thereafter.
  • We will be able to accommodate up to two guests for each show.  If you see a show you would like to be a guest on and there are no takers, or if you see only one name, make a request. 

  • If you ask for more than three episodes, your name will be held aside for the forth episode and so on. If no one requests that episode, you will get to do that also.
  • First requested, first taken.  Even if you see a name, request to be the second guest.
  • Finally, life happens.  We all make plans and then Murphy moves in your spare bedroom.  Before you do a no-show or back out of an episode, let us work with you.  We record two episodes at a time, so there is sometimes wiggle room.  We’ve been known to record episodes out of order.  We spent most of season 3 recording things like episode 8 before 7.  Sometimes we even reverse recordings when it helps the guest.  (It’s even funny when we refer to a previous episode we haven’t recorded yet.)

Some requests we really would like to make.

  • If you wish to join the show, we record using Skype. The Skype name you will need to add, as a new contact, is LOUTREKSHOW all one word.
  • Please be sure you have a standard microphone/headset equipment for the Skype call. At the very least, have a headset. That way when we are talking to you, the audio isn’t coming out of a tablet or notebook speaker and right back into an on-board MIC.
  • We will not allow  the use of a Tablet or Smart Phone.  If you try to use a built in MIC to a notebook or tablet,  keystroke of the notebook sounds like a boom boom boom into the MIC.
  • Also please, if possible, use a computer with a wired connection. Wireless has a  terrible drop rate and if someone else is using your bandwidth, the outcome is terrible as well as a pain to edit.  In other words, you are welcome as long as your bandwidth isn’t being gobbled by someone else playing World of Warcraft.

Thank you and pick out your show.


Episode Name Episode # Guest for Show
Time’s Arrow, Part 2 1 Colin and Kieran
Realm of Fear 2 Matt Degear
Man of the People 3
Relics 4 Paul Finch and  Kieran McDuff
Schisms 5
True Q 6
Rascals 7 Melissa, Chris
Fistful of Datas 8 Chris Johnson
The Quality of Life 9 Matt Degear
Chain of Command, Part 1 10 Shawn Vanderloo
Chain of Command, Part 2 11 Shawn Vanderloo
Ship in a Bottle 12
Aquiel 13 Paul Finch
Face of the Enemy 14 Matt Hansen
Tapestry 15 Melissa, Marc S.
Birthright, Part 1 16
Birthright, Part 2 17
Starship Mine 18 Shawn Vanderloo
Lessons 19
The Chase 20 Shawn, Marc S
Frame of Mind 21 Marc S.
Suspicions 22
Rightful Heir 23 Bryan D.
Second Chances 24 Matt Degear
Timescape 25 Marc S.
Decent, Part 1 26