Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Blu-ray

Star Trek: The Next Generation season 3 on Blu-ray is now available to pre-order.

Season 3 the crew of the USS Enterprise are back!! This season would see the return of Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden); Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) regretted her first-year departure, and so returned in the Emmy Award-winning “Yesterday’s Enterprise”; and Whoopi Goldberg continued her role as Guinan, 10 Forward’s wise El-Aurian bartender.

The third season set contains another epic array of extras, with a wonderful array of new audio commentaries (including fan favorite episodes “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Sins of the Father”), the continuation of the ever-growing TNG documentary with another three-part bonanza entitled “Resistance is Futile”, a special tribute to Michael Piller, a brand new gag reel and of course the much anticipated “In the Writer’s Room” feature, showcasing Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore, René Echevarria and Naren Shankar geeking out for over an hour under the supervision of Trekkie extraordinaire Seth MacFarlane.

Star Trek: The Next Generation season 3 Blu-ray will be released 29th April 2013.

Pre-order now from Amazon UK for £52.49 or Sainsbury’s Entertainment for £50.99

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Marc Stamper

Author: Marc Stamper

Trek geek extrordinaire and the TrekMate tech wizard. Always liked Trek but when TNG started here in the UK I fell in love and have not looked back since. Podcaster since January 2012

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