Star Trek London interview with Jill Ubdergrove

Since March their has been one thing on the tips of any UK Star Trek fans tongue… Star Trek London! (We will have a dedicated website to cover Star Trek London News.)

This past weekend I had the pleasure to sit down with Collin Higgins from Trek News & Views to have a fantastic interview with a representative from Media 10. Media 10 is an event and exhibition organiser who have been responsible for some of the UK’s largest and most succesful events including Britain’s Next Top Model, The London Design Trail and The Ideal Home Show. Though most recently they and Showmasters have taken up the challange of bringing an officially sanctioned Star Trek convention back to our shores for the first time in nearly a decade. And they aren’t doing a small event in any way shape or form! They set the tone for the event straight out of the gate by making the huge announcement that Star Trek London is going to be the first con ever to host all five captains!


Since that huge announcement they have been very tight lipped to release too much new information. Though all that changed this weekend when Collin and I managed to get some gems of information from Jill Ubdergrove, who is playing a vital role in making this event happen. Jill gave us a few great sneak peaks, including: There will be multiple Bridges at the event, Quarks Bar or Ten Forward is coming to STL (our money is on Quarks), more guests to be announced on May 24th and much more.


Listen to the full interview here:

Author: Wayne Emery

Host of The Trek Mate Podcast & founder of The Trek Mate Family Network

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