Star Trek Enterprise Season 5 Netflix Campaign

Doug Drexler has started a campaign to bring an all new season of Star Trek: Enterprise back to Television, in this case through Netflix as a distributor.

Here is the description from the Facebook page:

When Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled, it’s ratings were still good enough to keep it on the air. Studio and network politics were instrumental in it’s demise. So the voyages of the NX-01, with Captain Archer, Trip, T’Pol, and the rest of the crew ended just as the show was finally beginning to get it’s legs. Nearly all of us agree that the fourth and prematurely final season of Enterprise demonstrated that this show was a late bloomer.

A new day has dawned for the way television is produced. No longer do three networks decide what you get to watch. It started with cable. A place where the audience pays for the shows they love by subscribing. Now the next huge step has taken place. The ability to stream the shows you want, when you want them, from the Internet. Today, Netflix, Hulu, Kickstarter, and Amazon are challenging the way television is funded, and the way it is decided what gets made.

Enterprise S5 Netflix

Interesting things have happened in the last year. Netflix began producing original programming, bringing back popular shows that the stodgy old programming model had done away with. “Arrested Development” is back in production. “House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey is doing well. The producer of “Veronica Mars” raised 3 million dollars on Kickstarter to make a movie from a show that the network thought no one watched.

Can we get that fifth season of Enterprise which chronicles the Romulan War? See our crew back with a dazzling refit NX-01? Folk’s, It ain’t impossible. Throughout Star Trek’s history, it’s fans have moved mountains. We can do this, it’s it not that difficult. Watch Enterprise on Netflix. Even if you just run an episode while working around the house, that will build numbers, and attract attention. One thing we know for certain, the apparatus that brings us the shows we love will follow the money.

NX-01 Refit

JJ Abram’s is making Trek movies. If we’re lucky (and you enjoy his take on Gene Roddenberry’s masterpiece) we get one every 2-3 years. We’ve learned something from this Star Trek drought… we miss that golden age of Star Trek, with it’s intimate storylines. So gang, spread the word, share the FB page, and most of all, run Enterprise on Netflix. It ain’t over til it’s over, and we’re owed three more season of Enterprise. We can’t be afraid of the wind.

Brannon Braga also mentioned Netflix as a distributor when he was interviewed at Destination Star Trek London back in October 2012 when talking to

For more information and to follow the progress visit the Facebook page Star Trek Enterprise Season 5 – Netflix campaign

Watch Enterprise on Netflix and make season 5 happen!

Marc Stamper

Author: Marc Stamper

Trek geek extrordinaire and the TrekMate tech wizard. Always liked Trek but when TNG started here in the UK I fell in love and have not looked back since. Podcaster since January 2012

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  1. Just finished series 3 on DVDS, truly high quality, gritty and gripping. So much scope there. Enterprise deserves at least a final season of quality.

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  2. You’re great! I hope to watch the fifth season… Star Trek Enterprise was becoming VERY interesting from the 4th season. They closed it too early.

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  3. Love the whole series 1-4 and was waiting on the 5th before I knew it had gotten canceled. The series were shown on an oldies but goodies TV channel when they started showing all six versions of Star Trek at 7 pm until 11 pm when Star Trek Enterprise came on. I was hooked an could not get enough. As a combat era Medic I enjoyed the potrial of T’Pol as.a highly skilled intelligent soldier assigned to a deplomatic yet dangerous mission where she was able to use her past experiences and blend them with new ones. This woman warrior showed courage under fire and fire in Love. Wish there was a Fifth season forT’Pol and Tripp.

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  4. I live in hope,that the morons that cancelled it due to the same shortsightedness of the 1960s realise the huge mistake and amend it before it’s to late,oh look we now have discovery,a complete apologetic appeasement show, that fits into Star Trek universe about as well as having an extra foot on a leg that is non existent,premise and content are generally good,story arcs and such,however it simply does not equate to anything seen before it,it may as well be called something else for example firefly 2.0,it’s a three sized Lego brick that fits nowhere, enterprise was genius and it came from the heart of Star Trek ,Rick Berman was selected by the great bird himself to carry the torch forward and into the next century,I think it’s time to admit defeat for the studio executives and to start listening to creative talent rather than number crunching pencil pushers,you may not earn huge profit over night,but for once look at the scope of the story,and over time the profits of their excellence in making enterprise will become apparent it’s called longevity if any of you dare to read this scathing attack on your lack of vision.

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    • I’d love to see a fifth season. Thought it fit quite well with the Star Trek family of shows.

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  5. I hope Netfix does Season 5 of Enterprise

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  6. I’m sick to death of the powers that be deciding what’s worth a new season and what isn’t. Star Trek enterprise isn’t the first or the second tv series I have been enjoying only to have it stopped by the network because they weren’t making enough money from it.

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  7. I just entered season 4 of enterprise and must admit that the after 2 slow seasons, the story really took of. The character development is just fantastic.

    I cannot understand why the series has been stopped after season 4. I have seen all previous star trek series, but this one is by far the best in terms of protagonists. I really hope and would also support a relaunch of the the series. Still many open questions remain unanswered. The potential is huge and compared to Star Trek Discovery, Enterprise really fills the gaps in the overall star trek story.

    Netflix…go for it! The Star Trek community will be grateful.

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  8. I just finished season 3 of the series and frankly speaking, apart from the financial issues, I do not understand at all why the series has been canceled. I have seen all Star Trek series including Discovery season 1. I missed Enterprise back in the early 2000’s. After 2 relatively slow seasons, the 3rd season of Enterprise is very very good. The development of the Trip-T’Pol relationship is flawless. The change of Archer from a sole researcher to a person, who sometimes has to abandon basic principles of moral and ethics is very well depicted.

    I even tend to say that this is the best Star Trek series so far. The character development is fantastic, the storyline exciting. Furthermore, it fills many gaps in the Star Trek history. There is even much more potential, if the Romulan War, the build of the federation etc will be put into a season 5 and maybe even season 6. This might also close the gap between Enterprise and ST Discovery.

    In conclusion, I can just say…NETFLIX, GO FOR IT!! The ST community will surely be greatful.

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  9. Mesajımın Google Translate çevirisi (Google Translate translation of my message):

    I’ve watched Star Trek Enterprise’s 3 seasons at Netflix, and I’m in episode 20 in season 4. So I’ve watched about 80 episodes so far and I’ve got three chapters left.
    I enjoyed all the episodes of this series, except maybe a few episodes, and I was very pleased that the film had a philosophical background. For those who have such a background in science fiction films are rare.
    I’m sorry to hear that I will not be brought back when I do research on the internet by wondering about the fate of this series. If I see that many series of films that do not make a lot of money have twice the season and section, I can say that the producers and directors are the least shame.
    I think I have the right to ask you for at least one or even a few seasons with these feelings and thoughts. In the hope that those who think like me are not scarce, if you decide something like this, you will sail the Enterprise out of our galaxy and protect its philosophical background. Such an approach will also bring a new breath to the film. I’m sure that …

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  10. I say bring it back I loved it come on netflixs

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  11. I was born in the 80s so I have grown up with these films.I do have to admit that I also love star trek enterprise and would love to see it brought back as it does have unfinished

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  12. I honestly didn’t think ST Enterprise would be any good, set before kirk, thought it would never pull off. Saw a couple of episodes and amazingly got hooked. So much so purchased the complete boxset on Blu Ray. Nearly finished Season 3, just taking my time, they are brilliant. Please bring them back. But fancy pulling the plug on a successful series, so dumb asses about I guess.

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