Previously in the Alpha Quadrant: Episode 7: Breaking the Ice

Listen to Paul, Adam and Alan in Previously in the Alpha Quadrant. This week we will be reviewing ‘Breaking the Ice’, talking about our favourite moments and have Carl Stark from stolen droids joining us as our guest host. We also include as requested in the emails the return as Emma the quizmaster for our weekly quiz!

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  1. Another funny episode of Previously in the Alpha Quadrant.
    I think this episode starts off well because they discover something new that is not already in the Vulcan database and is better than the Vulcan’s previous discoveries in this area.
    I liked the scene were they add the Vulcan ears to the snowman because they have already been told the Vulcan’s are watching them, so it seems like there just doing it to annoy them.
    With regards to the Vulcan captain, he seems to have been ordered to go spy on the humans and not been very happy about it, so he is just blanking them, as a sign of protest.
    I think if Trip did not know about the letter she would have been more likely to talk to phlox about it, but that would mean more people knowing about it.
    I was most surprised when Archer would have risked the lives of Reed and Mayweather to protect his pride and that T’Pol had to step in and tell him to think about the situation.
    Overall I thought this was a good episode because T’Pol got to be more human than she has been but Archers reactions to this seem to be a little over the top.


    Abbie Martin-Jones

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