Previously in the Alpha Quadrant: Episode 31 Star Trek Enterprise: Minefield

Its the first PITAQ of 2013 and this week Adam Paul & Emma record live together in Edinburgh with special Trek Mate Family guest star JD from the Deep Space Nine based podcast The Wilderness.

As you can expect this podcast contains lots of digression and adult humor. As always if you would like to leave us some feedback or have an opinion on this episode then you can post on our Forum.

This weeks quiz questions are:

1. What does Archer ask Reed to eat at breakfast?
2. What is Reed scared of?
3. What are the Romulan mines similar too?
4. Where had Archer heard of the “Romulan star empire” before?

Please send your answers to

If you would like to know more about JD you can fin him on The Wilderness podcast or on Twitter @Wilderness1701


Author: Paul Finch

Host on PITAQ - Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

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