Official Starships Collection’s Deep Space 9

Star Trek The Official Starships Collection has released details about the first of their oversized special issues: Deep Space 9 itself. Their oversized model of the famous space station measures 150mm (just under 6”) across and stands 94mm (nearly 3 ¾”) tall from top to bottom of the pylons. The model is made of diecast metal and is based on an exhaustive study of the original studio model.

The accompanying magazine takes a look at the station’s fictional history and explores how the design evolved from an ancient Bajoran structure that looked like an “oil derrick” into the familiar Cardassian station. It also discusses the practicalities of filming with one of the largest models ever used on a Star Trek television series.

This special issue of the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection hits stores in the UK in late November, while in the U.S. it will be available just after Deep Space Nine’s anniversary in early January. It is priced at £18.99 (UK); $38 (US).


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