Help save DSTL 2013!!!

We all had the experiences of a life-time when ALL 5 captains came to London for the first time EVER! We all met different fans from around the world at DSTL for the first time and people we talked with on twitter.

The UK has a large Star Trek fan base and we need to have a official convention. DSTL 2012  showed us we can bring something new to the Star Trek world and that London was the best place to host it.

The Trek Mate Family have created a petition to campaign for DSTL 2013. We need your help to spread the word around Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and other social networks. Please help us by signing the petition here to make DSTL 2013 a reality.

The Petition –

“Destination Star Trek London 2012 was a fantastic experience that gave us UK fans our first real chance to celebrate the franchise that we all hold so dear to our hearts.

Media 10 and Showmasters put together a brilliant event, though even they will admit that there is areas that can be improved upon.

To date the only members of the Star Trek fanbase that they have heard from are the nay sayers, those few fans that love nothing more than to moan and troll the internet with their closed minded views.

In the next few weeks the powers that be will be deciding on the fate of DSTL 2013 and whether there should be a future event at all.

Lets make sure that they do not hear only from the negative Nausicaans, sign this petition and show that you want DSTL 2013.

Yes there are some things that can be changed or done differently, but lessons have been learned and we at Trek Mate have no doubts that DSTL 2013 would blow 2012 out of the water (Just look at Kahn!).

Media 10 and Showmasters, we have one thing to say to you… Make It So!”

Marc Stamper

Author: Marc Stamper

Trek geek extrordinaire and the TrekMate tech wizard. Always liked Trek but when TNG started here in the UK I fell in love and have not looked back since. Podcaster since January 2012

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  1. In my mind their is no shadow of a doubt that this event needs to take place. It meant so much to so many people, lets not let it fade away

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  2. This definately needs to happy. It was my first con and had an amazing time seeing stars I never thought I would ever see in person. DSTL 2013 would be well supported and improvements would be made to address the issues people had with 2012.

    DSTL 2013 …. Bring it on … TNG Cast Reunion would be great

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  3. Signed. Bring on DSTL 2013 =/\= LLAP

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  4. I had a great day at this years event. Please ignore the nay sayers and bring the event back in 2013.

    Thank you.

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    • No, dont ignore the naysayers. they are doing so for a reason and not for fun. Listen to them, learn from the problems and put them right so the next event will not have problems. The writer describing anyone who had a problem as a “Negative Nausicaan” is both childish and pathetic as well as insulting to those who paid for their tickets in good faith and then had things go wrong.

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      • Well said, Kehlan. I am a lifelong Star Trek fan and was very dissapointed with DSTL. It was not my first convention and will not be my last. I had legitimate complaints about many aspects of the event, but did enjoy some aspects of it and do not consider it complete waste of money; however, there were plenty of areas that could have been improved on.

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  5. Been doing cons for seven now and this has been the best so far , so it needs to come back for 2013.

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  6. do not have the money to waste next year , to see a empty room once bitten is the my coment . the was not a convention just a place queue ,best area was klingon snack bar , and the exit , what a shambles 🙁

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  7. DSTL 2012 was a fantastic event. My first ever convention, and I loved every second of it. Sure it was expensive, but I went to it knowing exactly how much it was going to cost me, so no complaints on that score. And yes, a few things can be improved, but nothing so big a deal that I wouldn’t go to the next one. So let’s definitely have a DSTL 2013…I’ll be there without a doubt.

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  8. DSTL 2012 was completely oversold, there were far too many tickets for the number of stages. For the price paid there should have been half a dozen free stages on the go all day. The parties were a joke, the PA systems were underpowered, The entertainment unrelated to the theme, and the food and drink took event pricing to a new level. 3 quid for a coke. Having said that Brannon Braga and Jeff Combs were such nice guys, and Nana Visitor and Chase Masterson real sweeties.

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  9. I’m so fucking depressed (pardon my french) I missed this event and had no idea it was even running until now.. The event of a life time for me, a life long trekkie and yet I missed it.. If there isn’t a 2013 then I will be sad, although I think I’m always gonna be depressed and have regret when thinking i missed probably my only chance to see all five captains. The ones I would love to see most are Patrick, William and Avery.

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  10. Please do it ! I cant believe i missed this!!!!!!!

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  11. I really hope that it goes ahead. I have never been to a con and decided to put the money aside a few months ago in case they do one this year, so I will be crushed if they don’t do it.

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