Continuing Missions Explores Fan Fiction

Author: Melissa

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  1. Great podcast – though I had to stop a few minutes in and actually read the fic when I realized you weren’t going to make me read a C/7 story. Many thanks for the early reveal on the J/C happy ending. When I scanned the page you linked to, I decided not to put my battered heart through what looked like a C/7 story (it’s shaping up to be a long cold winter down here, let’s not make it worse). Alas! You didn’t fail me after all! Quickly read it, and went back to your podcast for a great discussion!

    Re: your conversation about Chakotay’s motivation for staying with Seven: there’s some other fanfic that deals really well with the question of why Chakotay would stay with Seven, and some of it is really beautifully done. Helena Gray’s ‘South From that Place’ isn’t my favorite, but it provides some well thought out context for what seemed to most of us an ‘out of the blue’ hook up.

    I agree with your assessment that there’s a lot of fan fiction out there that is better than anything published by Pocket Books and I could not agree more with the northernexposure recommendation. I’ve often found that the insight provided by the best fanfic writers makes a re-watching of Voyager a lot richer. They impute motivation and intent in a way that’s often lost in the (necessary) scripting and pacing of a 45 minute tv episode in serial form. So much richness.

    I have a J/C bias, so thanks for all the good P/T recommendations – saved your recommendations to PDF for reading on my long commuter flights.

    Your bookclub is the best and thanks for letting us listen in. You work for free but your efforts bring riches (to me…and your four other confirmed listeners, at least!).

    Boldly go…,


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