The Trekkie Girls

The Trekkie Girls

If you are a regular when it comes to Star Trek conventions then you have more than likely been only a few yards away from these amazing ladies. Sam and Carole are the Trekkie girls, two very funny and intelligent ladies that have got a very worth while mission… To bring as many people into Trek fandom as possible. With their help and guidance they are hoping to turn their T.I.Ts (Trekkies In Training) into fully fledged Trekkies. They also provide very witty, entertaining and informative articles on their blog and video podcasts. Sam and Carole are not only fellow Brits but are two very friendly and funny ladies that every Trekkie should try to get to know. It’s hard to avoid the Trekkie Girls on line, but if you have then you can find them on their Blogspot page On Twitter they are @TrekkieGirls and you can catch their video podcasts on YouTube here.

Paul Finch

Author: Paul Finch

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