Ten Forward Episode 47 – Tears and Laughter: David Mack’s Island.

1148256-0abmack_largeThis week we have a special Desert Island Trek show with New York Times Besting Selling author David Mack joining us. Listen as David explains the five shows he would take on his Island, as well as some honourable mentions. We had great fun recording with David and we think that you are going to love this weeks show.

David Mack’s choices were:

5. TOS – “Mirror, Mirror”
4. DS9 – “Duet”
3. TNG – “Tapestry”
2. DS9 – “Our Man Bashir”
1. TNG – “The Offspring”

Honorable Mentions

A. DS9 – “The Visitor”
B. DS9 – “Trials and Tribble-ations”

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