Ten Forward Episode 45: Scott Tipton Reeeeaaallly Likes TOS

2030946-scott_tipton_largeThis week, Sina, Michael and Matt find out why their guest, comic book writer Scott Tipton, chose episodes of TOS for all 5 of his Desert Island Trek choices. He also gives a bit of love for TNG. We also discuss the latest (and last) Into Darkness trailer, with Matt leading the discussion (of course, what else would you expect from our resident JJVerse Fan Boy). In case you were missing them, the bloopers are back.

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Scott Choices were:

TOS The Changeling
TOS Mirror Mirror
TOS A Piece of the Action
TOS Space Seed
TOS The City on the Edge of Forever

You can find Scott’s last appearance on Ten Forward at Ten Forward’s Happy Hour

You can find Scott:

Twitter: @Scott_Tipton

At his website Scott Tipton’s Comics 101

You can follow Scott’s comic shop: called Blast Off Comics

Twitter: @BlastoffComics

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Author: Sina Alvarado

I live in Houston, Texas, and while I don’t own or ride a horse, I do occasionally say “Y’all” and even “All Y’all.” I am married and have one daughter. I started watching Trek regularly with TNG and got absolutely hooked after watching “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Trek has been a big part of my life ever since then and I am happy to share my love for it with all y’all.

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