Rick Moyer

Rick Moyer

Meet the musical genius behind our amazing intro music and great jingles. Rick is a loud and proud member of our geek family, so much so that he has a whole website dedicated to the vast catalogue of Trek tribute songs he has made over at startrekparodies.com.He hosts his own podcast over at takehimwithyou.com and should you feel the need to get into the festive spirit, there is no better way than to check out his amazing album “Merry Trekmas” here (you can check out a sample of the Merry Trekmas album by listening to episode 4 of the podcast).Without Rick’s hard work and kind heart, we would sound nowhere near as cool as we do and as such we are eternally grateful.You can follow Rick on Twitter and he is also over on Facebook.

Paul Finch

Author: Paul Finch

Host on PITAQ - Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

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