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Favourite Captain: Picard, he was a captain of great integrity and courage and despite his serious side he did sometimes show a great sense of humour and fun.

Favourite Ship:The Romulan D’deridex warbird. It is such a fantastic looking and intimidating ship.

Farourite Episode:TNG: Who Watches The Watchers. I like this episode on so many levels, it has some very interesting concepts behind the storyline, has some wonderful moments between Picard and Nuria and also some fantastic music.

Favourite Non-Regular Character:Elim Garak – I really enjoyed the 2 sides to Garak’s character, his Obsidian order background and his mild mannered tailor persona. I also thought his sarcastic personality was a real joy to watch.

About me: I live in Hampshire, England .
I started watching the original Trek series as a child but it was when The Next Generation started on TV here in the UK that I really got into Star Trek. To this day it is still my favourite series.
I’m divorced with 2 children and I work as a software developer at an Investment bank in London.
Besides Trek I enjoy photography, video games, hiking/trekking and doing the odd bit of weight training.

Twitter: @marcstamper

Find me on: The Trek Mate Podcast & Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

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Author: Paul Finch

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