Issue 6:IDW Star Trek / Doctor Who Assimilation Squared #4

Issue 6:IDW Star Trek / Doctor Who Assimilation Squared #4

IDW – Star Trek / Doctor Who Assimilation Squared

Details: Publisher: IDW August 2012

Writer: Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee
Pencils: Gordon Purcell
Colours: J.K. Woodward
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Cover artist: J.K. Woodward
Editor: Denton J. Tipton

Our Thoughts: With introductions over it’s time to find out what the Borg / Cybermen are planning. We see some great interactions between the Doctor & Guinan while we see Captain Picard haunted by the ghost of Locutus. The Tiptons are in full swing now as the story is at break neck speed. While the art is very good we did notice the difference from J.K. Woodward’s work. This however, does not detract from the story. strong>

The Final Verdict: Overall, at the half way point we are impressed where the story is taking us and the art overall is very good.

Sina Alvarado

Author: Sina Alvarado

I live in Houston, Texas, and while I don’t own or ride a horse, I do occasionally say “Y’all” and even “All Y’all.” I am married and have one daughter. I started watching Trek regularly with TNG and got absolutely hooked after watching “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Trek has been a big part of my life ever since then and I am happy to share my love for it with all y’all.

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