Humanity not alone in the Universe

Humanity not alone in the Universe


An alien spacecraft has landed in Montana confirming years of speculation about the existence of extraterrestrials. We know very little about these aliens, they landed this evening at a missile complex in Bozeman, Montana. They have shown very little emotion when encountering us and have named themselves as Vulcans. In appearance the Vulcans look remarkably similar to humans except for some facial differences around the ears and eyebrows.

The appearance of the Vulcans has been put down to the work of a scientist, called Zefram Cochrane who earlier today broke the speed of light in his ‘warp’ ship the Phoenix. The Phoenix launch was almost cancelled when there were reports of some explosions, in which many of Zefram’s team sadly lost their lives, but amazingly the launch was a complete success and the ship reached the outer edges of the solar system in a matter of minutes.

Early indications are that the Vulcans are more interested in science and do not pose a threat to humanity, but it remains to be seen what are relationship will bring and what possible changes to our life and planet now that we are no longer the only life in the universe.

Happy First Contact Day everyone!

Simon Foster

Author: Simon Foster

I am one of the news editors for trekmate. I have been a trekkie since BBC2 first showed TNG in the UK. More recently I have been trying to convert my wife into a trekkie with mixed success.

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