Bye Bye Robot Celebrates DS9 20th Anniversary

Bye Bye Robot Celebrates DS9 20th Anniversary

Returning Bye Bye, Robot artist Tracie Ching has created a stunning 18” x 24” lithograph to celebrate the DS9 20th Anniversary. Entitled “DS9 20,” The lithograph shows key DS9 characters positioned around the titular space station, with a wormhole looming in the background.



Two other posters, both by Bye Bye, Robot newcomer Cliff Cramp, are titled “Deep Space Nine” and “A Good Day To Die.”

“Deep Space Nine” poster measures 18”x24” and shows Deep Space Nine floating in space, with a wormhole forming off in the distance.


“A Good Day To Die” measures 16”x24” and shows a battle between the U.S.S. Enterprise and a Klingon battle cruiser.

Enterprise fires on Kligon ship poster

“The graphic style of Tracie’s print and the expressionistic style of Cliff’s prints play off of each other beautifully,” says Charity Wood, Co-Founder of Bye Bye, Robot. “We’re excited to be working with so many talented artists… each bringing their unique style to the Star Trek realm… offering different styles of art for different collectors’ tastes.”

All the posters will cost $25, plus shipping. Product Availability: US only

Source Bye Bye Robot

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