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Upper Pylon 2 – 4×25 Body Parts

This week we tackle a Ferengi comedy fest, tied together with a Kira’s actress is pregnant storyline. Podcast (up2): Play in new window | Download

Trek Mate: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 118: The Return

After a short hiatus we return with an old friend to discuss the current state of Trek, Evil Vulcans and have a Trek Off!   Check out all the details for Trek-On! and buy your tickets now...

Upper Pylon 2 – 4 x 24 The Quickening

This week the crew tackles a pretty depressing episode. Julian finally gets his wish, practicing real frontier medicine on a group of people plagued with a debilitating disease, by the Dominion. Podcast (up2): Play in

Continuing Missions – Pocket Full of Lies

This month we tackle the last of Beyer’s current Star Trek books. Podcast (contmiss): Play in new window | Download

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Upper Pylon 2 – 4 x 18 Rules of Engagement

This week our crew tries to process Worf’s Klingon-ity once again. Podcast (up2): Play in new window | Download

Ten Forward Episode #219: Sina Goes Off Topic

  This episode was recently rescued from the deepest vaults below Gringotts.  A few months back, Sina welcomed special guests Jennean Levitt and Megan Carmody to discuss the latest entry into the Potter-verse: the...

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Seven’s Secret Santa by Rick Austin @EvolvedRick

  Seven of Nine stared at her regeneration alcove with suspicion. Under normal circumstances, and if she were a normal human being – if such a thing existed – then it would have been called a bed, and her...

10 things that may be too Star Trek-y for Star Trek Beyond -By Rick Austin @EvolvedRick

The next Star Trek film has already had its fair share of ups and downs, from a game of musical chairs for directors to the hot topic of whether this is going to be the last film in the series. When Simon Pegg took on the...