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Ten Forward Episode #125 – Book Club: The Light Fantastic

Sina, Paul, Scott and guest Dave the Hot Dogg gather in Ten Forward to discuss Jeff Lang’s The Light Fantastic. All complaints to @firbob1 Podcast (ten-forward): Play in new window | Download

The Delta Quadrant 6×25 The Haunting of Deck Twelve

We are joined by a brand new guest this week, whoo hoo! Neelix tells a ghost story. Zach joins us from New York City and no he is not bringing salsa. Instead he brings a fresh view to Voyager and a story or two from behind...

Two To Beam Up 27: The city on the edge of forever

That’s right we’re back!! Sorry for the delay and we hope you enjoy our triumphant return as we discuss “The city on the edge of forever” Podcast (two-to-beam-up): Play in new window | Downloa

PITAQ 91 Star Trek Enterprise Kir’Shara

This week we are joined possibly for the final time by Delta Quadrant corner stone Matt Hansen to review the 3rd instillment of the Vulcan saga ‘Kir’shara’.     Podcast (previously-in-the-a

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Enterprise in Space

The multi-pronged mission of the Enterprise In Space project is to design, build, fly, and eventually return to Earth an orbiter containing student experiments.  This project will be a tribute to the many great...

The Wesley Hoodie

OK, admit it: You’ve dissed Wesley Crusher forever and a half, but now that ThinkGeek has just introduced a Star Trek: The Next Generation Wesley Crusher Uniform Hoodie, you want one sooooo bad. It’s not a...

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Fashionably Late in the 24th Century -by Rick Austin @EvolvedRick

Star Trek has offered us some of the coolest things in sci-fi television and movies. It’s given us transporters and technobabble, great action stories and tales of intrigue, adventure and comedy. It’s shown a...

The Life of Riley -By Rick Austin @EvolvedRick

Personal log: Lt. Kevin Thomas Riley, Stardate 2820.5 Well, it looks like I’m in hot water again. No surprises there. I swear, sometimes I think that if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all. ...